The Ecosystem of Work and Life

By Mia A. Mackman

Some of the biggest challenges we see in the workplace stem from mismanagement, conflict, divergence or customer service issues. Understanding the ecosystem of your work and life is essential. Although all facets of business are a part of the same ecosystem, logistics and numbers are often the results tied to those main areas.

Taking the time to really look at the business climate in which you work and live, can measure important aspects of your daily grind. It doesn’t matter if you are working for a small business, a large company or if you own your own business. Tending to the lifecycle of the work you do in the world, helps tidy up your road to success.

“Fast tracking innovation and growth in any business, without due diligence and care for the ecosystem in which it lives, is unsustainable. For many people work is a huge, fixed and stressful component of daily life. Learning how to look at things differently can help make the work you do less stressful, more meaningful and open new doors you didn’t realize were there.”

Discovering personal satisfaction in work and life can create a thriving environment for growth and success. This comes with a sense of emotional stability and fulfillment that makes each day a new opportunity and sets the stage for inspired action to seize the moment. Although, our measures of success are as unique as we are, our need for satisfaction and ease is often much the same.

I’ve been a busy single parent for a long time, raising two highly active boys. I haven’t had any family to help out so I have towed the line on my own. One of the things that has served and saved me over the years was learning how to delegate to the boys. This has made them ultra self reliant and responsible young adults. Looking back I can say and mean, I like how it all worked out.

Sometimes a good step back can help us take giant strides forward. Applying the necessary adjustments to achieve greatness with gratitude on the inside- lends longevity and stability to priceless values on the outside.

TIP: Pay attention to the areas in life and work where you make the biggest emotional and energetic investments. This starts with taking an honest look at how you really feel. This personal diagnostic on satisfaction, emotional health and value can open a new perspective and increase your ability to thrive in whatever you do. It may also show you, what you might want to do differently, where you need to delegate or what it’s time to let go of.

At every stage of life there are always new opportunities. The ecosystem of your work and life is a precious life-cycle. Water it with wellness and good intentions and there are endless prospects for growth and a hearty harvest.

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