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Mia MackmanMia A. Mackman,  Founder and Chief Executive

Mia A. Mackman has more than 25 years of beauty, spa, and wellness industry experience. Ms. Mackman is the principal and founder of Mackman|ES, a comprehensive, future-ready wellness and spa consultancy and Managing Director of HVS, Spa and Wellness Consulting Division. She specializes in market foresight, strategy, consulting, asset repositioning, financial projections, and facility development. In partnership with HVS, Ms. Mackman provides the spa-and-wellness consulting services for HVS’s global client network, including market research and feasibility studies, valuation narratives, and data analysis.

With extensive consulting experience, Ms. Mackman has been successfully forecasting value and demand propositions since 2004. She works with global investment firms, hotel and mixed-use property developers, and hospitality organizations. She contributes as an industry expert to global think-tanks, international business reports, and improving global industry standards. Based in Sedona, Arizona, Ms. Mackman is recognized for her industry knowledge and her propensity to foresee imperative hospitality market shifts. This supports her broad client base to effectively navigate, adapt, and excel in a fast-changing market.

In the spirit of collaboration, Ms. Mackman is Founder & President of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association. She formed the Association in 2012 to create a platform in Arizona for connectivity, education and industry growth. She is also an Official Visiting Judge for the World Spa & Wellness Awards, a global award platform based in London, UK. These awards are one of the leading honors in the industry. They acknowledge the excellence of care, service, and standards, aiming to inspire spas around the world, and serving to raise global industry standards.

Ms. Mackman has been a member of the Hotel Business Review Editor Board for Hotel Executive since 2016. She also leads the discussions of HospitalityNet’s World Panel titled Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa as panel Champ and contributing expert. This panel examines how these segments of the industry contribute to hospitality value proposition growth and impact the leisure, tourism and business economy. The objective of the panel is to provide high-level, experienced, and diverse industry viewpoints on topics ranging from investment and development to industry trends, strategic planning and operational performance.

In her spare time Mia enjoys hiking through the red rocks in Sedona and spending time with her two sons. She enjoys making art, spending time with friends, creative design, cooking, travel, and reading.


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