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A comprehensive, wellness-hospitality, prevision consultancy with a global network of resources and associates.

Mia A. Mackman,  Owner and Principal

Mia A. Mackman has more than 25 years of beauty, spa, and wellness industry experience. Ms. Mackman is the principal and founder of Mackman|ES, a comprehensive, wellness-hospitality, prevision consultancy. She specializes in feasibility studies, financial forecasting, complex facility design and program development, market foresight, strategy, and asset repositioning.

In 2017, she accepted a partnership with HVS to develop and chief the HVS Spa and Wellness Consulting Division as Managing Director. She has provided spa-and-wellness market studies and feasibility reports, valuation narratives, and financial performance forecasts for HVS’s global client network in this partnership.

Ms. Mackman began her consulting career in 2001. Her clients include global investment firms, hotels, resort companies, mixed-use property developers, and hospitality organizations. She contributes as an industry expert to international business reports, global think tanks, Summit of Minds, and improving global industry standards.  Based in Sedona, Arizona, she is recognized as a vanguard in the wellness sector for her multidimensional approach, knowledge, and esteemed accuracy. This supports her broad client base and ability to navigate and excel in a fast-changing market successfully.

In the spirit of collaboration and community, Ms. Mackman is the Founder & President of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association. She formed the Association in 2012 to create a platform in Arizona for connectivity, wellness modality education, and industry growth. In 2012, this was the first Spa & Wellness Association to enter the world market. The association was founded to integrate and elevate wellness attributes with traditional spa services. Since 2016, dozens of other similar associations have formed worldwide. Mia is an Official Visiting Judge for the World Spa & Wellness Awards, a global awards platform based in London, UK. These awards are one of the leading honors in the industry. They acknowledge the excellence of care, service, and standards, aiming to inspire spas around the world, and serving to raise global industry standards.

Ms. Mackman is a long-standing Hotel Business Review-Hotel Executive Editorial Board member. As panel Champ and contributing expert, she also leads the discussions of HospitalityNet’s World Panel titled Wellness, Lifestyle, and Spa. The objective of the panel is to provide high-level, experienced, and diverse industry viewpoints on topics ranging from investment and development to industry trends, strategic planning, and operational performance.


Mia enjoys hiking through the red rocks in Sedona and spending time with her two sons in her spare time. She enjoys making art, painting, spending time with friends, cooking, and reading.


A Historical Timeline Of My

Market Predictions


The timeline of my market predictions correlates with extensive client work and the wide variety of published articles I have written, throughout my career. To read some of my recent articles, please visit my Articles & Blog, HotelExecutive, HospitalityNet, and HVS.


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