Advance Your Business goals with

Clarity and Confidence

Feasibility and Underwriting

Feasibility and Underwriting

Underwriting and CRE support to identify costs, risks, and performance for development, finance and valuation goals

Nordic and Hydrothermal

Nordic and Hydrothermal

Feasibility, design, and program development of hydrothermal spa businesses with innovative and scalable strategies

Prevision and Forecasting

Prevision and Forecasting

Complex matrix and program modeling, demand mapping, keystone propositions and protecting investment growth



Wellness program integrations that improve Life and the guest experience above and beyond spa features and services

Whether you are someone looking for answers to a few important questions or you require an in-depth analysis and strategic plan, these services are designed to help you succeed. When it comes to consulting and development, every client and project is unique. These services support the nuances of your project, plan, and business to help mitigate risks to advance your goals with competitive advantages.

Every spa facility and wellness program has a variety of different circumstances. Many spa and wellness programs struggle with hidden layers of underperformance. Moreover, it’s common that over time, poor-performing spa facilities have adapted to these standards, unaware of new program propositions for growth. Examining the health of the business can be a huge advantage and an important step to increasing ADR and RevPAR performance, optimizing investments, and creating a thriving wellness-business strategy.

<h2>Consulting, Strategy & Development<h2>

Consulting, Strategy & Development

- Concept Development and Program Pillars

- Site & Floor Planning with Architects/Designers

- Brand Messaging & Wellness Strategy

- Program Development & Revenue Segments

- Global Network of Suppliers and Savings

- Team Development, Staffing & Training Resources

<h2>Market Research & Feasibility Studies<h2>

Market Research & Feasibility Studies

- Comprehensive Market & Feasibility Research

- Cost Analysis and Program Recommendations

- Unique Selling Points and Marketability

- 5-Year Proforma and Segmented Financial Analysis

- Highest and Best Use and Market Positioning

<h2>Operational and Financial Inspections<h2>

Operational and Financial Inspections

- Examine Performance and Strength of the Business

- Global Benchmark Compliance & Operations Review

- Financial Performance and Budget Review

- Program Efficacy and Value Proposition Growth

- Make Recommendations for Needs/Improvements

- Chart Critical Path with Actionable Phases

<h2>Program and Performance Analysis<h2>

Program and Performance Analysis

- Competitive Market Analysis

- Operational Inspection and Review

- Financial Performance and Valuation

- Investment and Improvements Assessment

- Forecast of Revenue and Growth

Start to Finish and In-Between

Method and Process



Examining goals, market outlook, and customer reach



Identify unique advantages and customize planning



Collaborate and develop to refine product or program



Final product, analysis, report, or program structure




The Bamboo that bends is stronger than the Oak that resists. – Japanese Proverb