Choices and Sentience for Stability and Growth Through 2026

This article examines the economic and technological impact we can expect in the coming years while balancing risk, maladaptive systems, and radical market movements. This article shares general and useful thoughts to assist those looking ahead and seeking to navigate the next wave of potent change in the hotel and resort spa market. Market Locus […]

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Three simple ways to achieve personal wellbeing, Eat real food. Have real friends. Do good things.”

~ M. Mackman

The Link Between Wellness-Hospitality and Spiritual-Tourism

Well-being is trust, belonging, physiological, emotional, and deeply spiritual. There are important modes of being well that occur socially and cooperatively. Experiencing societal uncertainties with the need for rapid adaption and change has magnified a widespread need to newly manage life, Self, and personal happiness. This article shares why and what you can do to […]

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People, Places, Programmes

Since, the definition of wellness touches nearly everything in the realm of life and hospitality from food-and-beverage lineups, quality rooms, sleep, and meeting space to spa and fitness departments, value comes into play in multiple areas. Much like the self-help market has evolved to expand its industry and audience, the wellness-hospitality market is tasked to do the same. This reveals new opportunities to curate an enormous spectrum of personal well-being.

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Preparing for Increasing Wellness Demand Amid Layers of Global Turmoil

This article highlights preparing for increasing hospitality wellness demand. As global news and media cycles spin with updates related to Covid-19, strategies for reopening and widespread cries for social justice reform. This article examines cycles of grief, critical investment strategies, and wellness propositions associated with immediate and long-term demand. The massive convergence of social, financial, […]

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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

~Albert Einstein

Overtourism and Third Tier Market Growth

Major cities are predictably equipped to manage large scale volume, occupancy and growth. Whereas, smaller communities are often challenged with rapid growth resulting in an abrupt strain on the local city and infrastructure. The term overtourism was coined in 2012, however it didn’t become widely used until 2017. In recent years, it has become an […]

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Rising Capex, Development and Wellness Construction

Over the last decade, the spa and wellness sector has faced tremendous growth in the hospitality industry. This evolution has significantly evolved over the last few years. Many hotels and resorts have found it increasingly necessary to adopt new performance models, renovate existing structures, and greatly enhance their food and beverage programs. This has also […]

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“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.”

~ Lao Tzu

How Hotels Can Compete in the Airbnb Landscape

Airbnb came on the scene in 2008, amidst corporate scandal, economic downturn and instability. Initially people were skeptical, but Airbnb has gained remarkable momentum building its platform with transparency and trust, at a time people were greatly seeking both. In the early years, Airbnb’s inclusive and diverse model provided low-cost travel options with uncommon flexibility, […]

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