One of my greatest joys in life is to inspire people and support their best success. I am always grateful for the opportunity to help people and stretch the limits of their potential to reach their goals!

I believe in the old English proverb, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I also believe you need to have a great plan.

These are some of the things people have shared about working with me.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Mia. She is very responsive and has wonderful energy.  Mia was able to provide valuable feedback and direction on the programming of our facility. She completed the feasibility study we needed in a very timely manner.  Mia is a great resource for anyone looking to create a leading-edge, spa or wellness facility! We highly recommend working with her.”

~ Marc Coluccio, COO, SolTerra

“Mia has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience in the spa and wellness industry is unrivaled. Coupled with her energy and enthusiasm, it’s an amazing combination that’s unmatched.” 

~ Justin Lichter, Vice President, IRG Realty Advisors

“Mia is very knowledgeable in the health and wellness resort space. She provided our team with valuable insights into the economics of the industry.”

~ Suzanne Heinemann, CPA, Principal, Analytics West

It is with great pleasure that I write this reference for Ms. Mia Mackman. I have worked with Mia over the past 2 years, initially, post the acquisition of Glen Ivy Hot Springs in 2016, the GOCO Hospitality-owned hot spring resort in California, and more recently on the updated valuation and repositioning of the asset.

Mia was instrumental in supporting and guiding the valuation team in the underwriting of Glen Ivy, showing a clear understanding and overall vision of the intricacies associated with Wellness Hospitality assets and their inherent value. Mia, through her detailed analysis, was able to identify and help us unlock the value by looking beyond the basic financial statements and understanding the full development potential of the proposed mixed-use project.

Throughout our interaction, Mia has demonstrated a keen understanding of the Wellness Hospitality industry and the practical application of the fundamentals that are driving growth in this sector. Her enthusiasm, energy and foundation in Hospitality Operation, Hospitality, Marketing and Wellness Real Estate, and Finance have prepared her to engage and challenge clients in the Wellness Hospitality and Spa industry with conviction and certainty regarding her subject matter. I look forward to further exploring the many facets of this growing sector with Mia. I am confident that her market insights and ability to identify evolving trends in the industry will continue to position her as a leader in the Wellness Hospitality & Spa community. I do not hesitate to recommend Mia as a consultant as she would be an asset to any organization considering her expertise and service.

~ Ingo Schweder, Chief Executive Officer, GOCO Hospitality

“I met Mia in 2014 through one of my colleagues at ASU. We were introduced to explore the conversation between spa and wellness, sustainability and construction. Mia has shared tremendous insight and valuable information with us in regards to the future of these overlapping industries and the programs needed to support the onset of this new growth. Mia is widely connected, personable and professional. I highly recommend working with her.”

~ Ryan M. Johnson, Executive Director, Executive and Professional Education

School of Sustainability, Arizona State University

“I was fortunate to have Mia’s collaboration in designing a set of luxury hotel design principles. She was able to provide guidance with thorough and inspirational observations, and instantly able to shape her vast and current knowledge on spa and wellness trends into design-relevant insights. Both her appetite for new, current and challenging developments in the field, and her enthusiasm to share her expert perspective on design trends were instrumental in guiding our research and recommendations. I sincerely hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Mia again soon, as her creativity and conversational wisdom on wellness trends are a rich source of inspiration for ideation.”

~Imran Husain, Insight Manager at Kiosk HQ

“Mia has earned my confidence over the years by providing our clients with honest assessments of their existing and proposed wellness operations. She has a solid backbone and is not afraid to deliver the message (favorable or not) that focuses on the proper balance of high-quality guest experiences while delivering returns to investors in wellness operations.”

~ John Lancet, MAI, HVS, Senior Managing Director

“HVS would not have won the second phase of an assignment if it weren’t for Mia’s resume and services. Mia worked with HVS Minneapolis on a market study for a proposed hospitality project which included recommendation of spa and wellness facilities for a very targeted audience, in addition to demand forecasts and income and expense modeling that we incorporated into our financial projections. Her knowledge of the most up-do-date spa and wellness concepts and her industry connections shined through during our client meeting and conference calls. Mia was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”

~ Tanya Pierson, MAI, HVS, Senior Managing Director

“Collaborating with Mia has been a pleasure. Her passion and breadth of knowledge in spa and wellness is clearly reflected in the quality of her work. She delivers honest and supportable results and feedback that clients appreciate.”

~ Brian Bisema, HVS, Managing Director, Partner

“Mia came highly recommended as a go-to expert for the spa and wellness industry. We connected as part of my market research for the valuation of a wellness resort in Arizona. Mia’s industry insight and knowledge proved to be top notch, as she explained everything from recent trends to the industries outlook. I deeply appreciated Mia’s willingness to assist our efforts and look forward to working together on similar projects in the future.”

~ Ryan Wall, HVS, Vice President

“I worked with Mia directly on a property revival and new spa concept. She is a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. Mia is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. Mia’s performance was outstanding and I highly recommend working with her.

~M. Mangalo, General Manager, Hayman Realty

“Mia’s talents, efforts, ideas and professionalism came shining through at each phase. It was refreshing to find a consultant that has quality and service as their main concern, rather than simply the numbers. I was also pleased with her diligent efforts in finding alternative approaches to cost control and letting me know, when I was the one breaking the budget. Mia displayed the utmost care and professionalism. She took the time to understand the mission of the studio and spa and what we were about. Therefore, the completed project was “exactly what we wanted and needed.”

Mia was truly spectacular. I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have her consult for me. I am pleased to recommend Mia and would not hesitate to use her for any project.”

~A. H. Owner, Private Studio and Spa

“Mia is a global thinker of the best kind. She is ahead of her time. One of the most positive people I have encountered in my career, she is a master connector. That her associates cross a myriad of socioeconomic and ethnic lines is a testament to her warmth and talent. Mia is full of new ideas and new ways to add value to one’s business. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the multicultural and spa market is a valuable resource for anyone interested in doing business in a forward thinking world. It is always a pleasure working with Mia as she is extremely knowledgeable and has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening across so many channels.”

~Linda Harding-Bond, Spa Retail & Engagement Educator

“Mia conducted an inspection and review of the Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Costa Rica, while I was Resort Developer and CEO. With 40 years in the international spa market, I have met very few professionals who are so deeply engaged and driven to make a positive impact in the Spa Society raising the Quality Bar to the next level. Her willingness to extend her profound expertise is extraordinary. She is not only an incredible Spa professional with an impeccable track record, she is also an extraordinary human being, whose Emotional Intelligence secures her success in even the most challenging environments. I am happy to know her and I highly recommend working with her.”

~Uwe F. J. Wagner, Corporate Solution Expert at Cornell University

“Mia has been a valuable resource for our publication. She has incredible knowledge and experience in the spa and wellness industries and has provided numerous recommendations for our private club readers to evolve and increase member participation, sales and new club experiences. Mia has an exceptional ability to provide relevant and ground-breaking ideas on programming, events and member benefits. Her talents are a rich asset for today’s club market. I highly recommend working with her.”

~Jackie Carpenter, CCM, Editor of The Private Club Advisor

“We met Mia in 2014 while conducting research for our Himalayan Salt Environments Company, ELEMEANTS. It was important to us to collaborate with industry professionals that mirrored our core philosophies of honesty and integrity and immediately found these attributes to be some of the many ones Mia possesses!

We could see almost immediately, that she was exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of the Spa Industry and her engaging and effervescent personality makes it a true joy to work with her! It wasn’t long after the first project we worked with her on, that we realized this was to become a lifelong business relationship as well as friendship. Mia is passionate about the Spa Industry as a whole and utterly devoted to Arizona’s Spa and Wellness Industry. We look to her for her auspicious insights and trust her to have the timeliest data for current and future trends. A true professional!

~Hugh and Deb Brewer ELEMEANTS, LLC

“Mia’s understanding of the industry helped us improve our POS software, Spa Retail, Services, Commission Structures, and Spa Wellness Initiatives. After completing the work with our Day Spa, Mia began a conversation with us regarding incorporating my knowledge of our Farm and Carmen’s love for Skincare. In less than a year we have launched a Handcrafted, Luxury Farm- to-Bottle Gift Collection from concept to product, ready for retail and delivery.

Mia has a creative but very organized mind that can sort through ideas at a rapid pace. She very quickly develops trend setting options and works carefully with our own personal vision. Everyone who has worked with Mia on this project has nothing but praise for her. We couldn’t be happier. Mia’s most unique quality is that she understands integrating all aspects of Wellness in business. She helped us connect the dots and tell our story while putting Wellness at the forefront of our brand. She is absolutely a Spa and Wellness Treasure and we look forward to continue working with her well into the future.”

~Blake Gendebien, Co-Founder A Wholesome Glow & Board Director of Cabot Cooperative

I’ve known Mia since she launched Arizona Spa and Wellness Association in 2012. Her collaborative approach to wellness allows professionals outside the spa industry an equal voice, facilitating meaningful dialogue with tourism partners, hospitality professionals and community stakeholders that generate cooperation and partnerships. Mia is a true leader – always on the cusp of innovation and ready to roll up her sleeves to advance the business of well-being.

~ Camille Hoheb, Founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide

“With the creation of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association in 2012, Mia has given the Arizona spa industry a tremendous opportunity to partner and grow as an internationally-recognized spa destination. She inspires people, encourages them to live, travel and adapt healthy lifestyles while supporting a strong business community. Her insight, energy, dedication and heart are a treasure to the Arizona spa and wellness market.”

~Anne Dimon, Founder/CEO Travel to Wellness, Editor of Wander Magazine

“I have worked with Mia both on an editorial level, as a contributor to Professional Spa & Wellness magazine, and when it comes to building links between the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association and Trades Exhibitions, the company that publishes Professional Spa & Wellness. Mia is always a pleasure to work with; she is friendly, approachable, efficient, always quick to get back to you and consistently professional. Highly organised and with excellent people and communication skills, Mia is always happy to offer professional support and has offered great industry insight in the editorials she has contributed to the magazine. Passionate about wellness and about helping people improve their lives, she is a great advocate for the spa and wellness industry.”

~ Nora Elias, Editor of Professional Spa & Wellness

“Since working with Mia, I have been delighted to have a relationship that has gone far beyond the normal consultancy. Mia brings an experienced wisdom and insight to the projects she becomes involved with. Through seeing who best works in what positions, she quickly brings in suggestions or colleagues to take part and bring thoughts into focus. Mia brings a heartfelt energy to her work with an honesty and clarity that brings goals into a faster success. I highly recommend Mia for working on projects that need to go the next steps with growth and clarity.”

~Maria Camille, International Speaker, Lifestyle Media Publisher, Enjoy Beauty International

“I researched different consultants and was fortunate to find Mia Mackman. My business would not be as successful as it is with without her input. She helped a novice business owner like myself make the best decisions. From floor planning, spa fixtures, website, brochures Etc… I would recommend her services to anyone looking to start or grow their business! The best part of working with her is I’ve gained not only a trusted advisor but also a friend.”

~Sabine Besong, Owner Amabella Wellness Spa

“My first contact with Mia was purely through networking within the spa industry. I was interested in her idea of building a Sedona Spa Association in 2010 as a means to build community, spread awareness of health and well-being, and promote local business. I find Mia to be very creative, inspirational, and organized in her efforts. She is a wonderful resource for getting things done as we now have the AZ Spa and Wellness Association to show for it.”

~Joan Kangas, Spa Director at Prism Hotels

“I have had the fun and pleasure of working with Mia on some creative initiatives having to do with promoting Sedona Tourism which has become one of her very obvious passions. One of the greatest destinations in the world deserves the time and energy she gives to get the word out. Mia’s doing an amazing job at initiating that. Multi-tasker, innovative and well-connected are all very strong qualities which she has in abundance!”

~Shanon Hoffman, Publisher, Healing Lifestyles & Spas

“I hereby express my deepest gratitude to Mia Mackman for her very high level of commitment in spreading the word about Global Wellness Day to her professional network, organizing partnerships with major local businesses & the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. Mia has demonstrated excellent organizational skills and a heart of gold. I wish more Wellness Ambassadors around the world were like her, but I fear they broke the mold! I highly encourage anyone reading these lines to consider Mia as an esteemed Spa & Wellness professional. She has proven that if she says “YES it can be done”… she will make it happen, hasta pronto!”

~Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder-CEO of TIP TOUCH & International/Founder of World Wellness Weekend